Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Back to the Grind Stone

After a week off work and a few days of easy running, it's now back to the hard work as training recommences in earnest to get me ready for the Worlds in September.

Following a lovely day in Porthmadog on Sunday, I ended up doing my "long" run on bank holiday Monday instead -a  perfect excuse to run off all those Easter eggs that I'd been scoffing over the weekend. It was very warm, a little on the breezy side, and for some idiotic reason I'd chosen a hilly route. The legs actually didn't feel too bad, but with suffering from hay fever, the breathing was quite laboured and I found it difficult. I still managed a respectable 1 hour 34 minutes for 13 miles, so can't complain.

Then on Tuesday, I was back at the club and it was great to do a session with the others. Being the last Tuesday of the month, it was the 3k time trial so I was interested to see how I faired compared to last year. The loop goes around the Wedgwood Estate at Barlaston, and although it's a downhill finish, the first mile or so is a little undulating. My best in previous years was 10.45, my worst about 11.15 so when I saw that I'd done 10.52 I was really pleased and figured that maybe I do still have a little bit of speed in my legs - even if it only lasts for a maximum of 11 minutes before I falter!

The good news is I'm really enjoying my running again, so much so that I am even considering running twice a day again to try to get back some of that fitness, but then maybe the sunny weather of late has led me into a false sense of security. Either way, I AM enjoying the running, and I'm looking forward to the up and coming races, starting with the South Cheshire 20 on Sunday. Life is good at the moment :-)

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