Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The Countdown has Started.....

With just 4 days to go until my first 100km race for over 3 years, the nerves and excitement are setting in, as well as the paranoia! I'm convinced I'm starting with a cold, muscles ache where they shouldn't do, and the couple of easy runs I've done this week, I've felt stiff, tired and sluggish. This is what tapering does to you - it's hard both physically and mentally, but hopefully come Sunday, all will be well and I'll have a good race.

I've got my race plan all set out having spoken to coach Norman earlier this week. He won't be there at the weekend, but thankfully I'll have my most devoted fan there with me - none other than my fantastic partner Andy who is so supportive and patient when I decide to do these long races. He never complains, and takes all the abuse from me when I start to get tired, but he's always there at the end to either congratulate or console me. I couldn't do it without him - so thank you Andy!

I finish work tomorrow lunchtime and then the preparation can start - labelling bottles, mixing drinks, planning out my nutrition for the race, making sure I have vaseline and plasters for the inevitable blisters, supply of pain killers, and then the most important thing - proudly getting my England kit out of the wardrobe and making sure it's all washed and ironed ready to wear for Sunday.

I really am looking forward to the run and just hope that all the hard work over the past few months pays off and I get the result I want.

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  1. To get to this stage is an achievement to be proud of, so I hope you really do manage to enjoy the race and finish with the kind of time you deserve after all your hard work.


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